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DIXml: Wiki

DIXml is an embedded XML, XSLT, and EXSLT processing library for Delphi (Embarcadero / CodeGear / Borland). It is build on the libxml2, libxslt and libexslt libraries but requires no DLLs nor other external files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can DIXml read in very large XML files? I have files that are over 900+ MB - that other components cannot parse due to their size. They give Out of Memory errors.

A: Yes, DIXml can parse XML files of virtually any size with no memory constraints. This is true of the SAX, SAX2, and XmlReader interfaces. The XmlReader interface is recommended because it is more flexible and user friendly. Be careful, however, if you build a DOM tree: This will cause DIXml to load the entire document into memory and may result in memory errors if it exceeds the available RAM. On the other hand, DOM is only needed for XML tree manipulation. For just parsing and extracting data, the XmlReader is much faster and uses a minimum of resources only, including memory.

Q: Does DIXml support XSLT 2.0?

A: DIXml conforms to XSLT 1.0 but does not support XSLT 2.0.

Q: Is there a solution for OS X?

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