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YuNetSurf HTML5 parser and tree builder with CSS3 tokeniser, parser, and selection engine.

HTML Parser and Tree Builder

  • Parse HTML, good and bad.
  • HTML5 tokeniser with SAX-style events.
  • Flexible tree builder API for custom DOM implementations.
  • Readily provided HTML5 parser classes convert HTML documents into DOM trees:
    • Simple DOM tree: Fast and efficient.
    • LibXml2 tree: Fully compatible with LibXml2 functions, including XPATH and LibXslt transformation.
    • XDOM tree: Feasability study limited by XDOM restrictions.
  • Fast, efficient, and low memory usage.

CSS Inspector Demo

CSS Parser and Selection Engine

  • Parse CSS, good and bad.
  • Apply CSS rules to DOM nodes:
    • CSS2 and CSS3 selectors.
    • Handle most CSS2 as well as some CSS3 properties.
  • Selector engines readily provided for
    • Simple DOM tree.
    • LibXml2 tree.
  • Flexible selection API to apply CSS to custom DOM implementations.
  • Fast, efficient, and low memory usage.

Usage Scenarios

  • Extract information from HTML documents:
    • Locate HTML elements based on their tag names, attribute names or CSS properties.
    • Extract values of attributes from elements.
    • Find the n-th sibling or child element parsed data.
  • Cleanup, change, or extend HTML documents:
    • Add, change, or remove attributes of elements.
    • Manipulate the inner content of elements.
    • Wrap element content inside new elements.
  • Use CSS to detect hidden, highlighted, or invisible HTML fragments.
  • Apply custom CSS as HTML element filter or locator.
  • Download HTML documents with linked CSS URL resources.
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