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Mailing List

A mailing list has been set up for asking questions and for open discussion of problems and issues by the Delphi Inspiration user community.

Reading the List

Posting to the List

You must subscribe before you can post

All non-member submissions will be thrown away unread and will never reach the list.

Subscribing to the list is quick and simple: Just enter your e-mail address into the little form on the right-hand column of this page and click Go!

After you have replied to the confirmation message, you can send emails to the list using this address:

Please follow these guidelines when sending messages:

  • Send plain text messages only and leave out HTML formatting.
  • When answering, quote the context you are relating to. But copy sparingly: Duplicating entire messages is almost always too much.
  • Write your answer below the quoted text. This make it easier to follow longer conversations.
  • Use a meaningful subject line. State the component or application and summarize your message.
  • Keep the subject when replying to other messages. For a new topic, start a new thread.

Manage your Subscription

An easy to use web interface is available to manage your subscription:

Alternatively, you can send mail to with one of the following subjects:

  • subscribe to subscribe.
  • unsubscribe to unsubscribe.

After you subscribed to the list you can send messages to

Searching the Archive

Use the list archive to search for messages:

Direct E-Mail To The Author

Use the mailing list. Please do not send email directly to the Delphi Inspiration author unless

  • you have a personal licensing question, or
  • you have a private concern which is not intended for the general public.
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