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DIUcl is a lossless compression library with extremely fast and small (200 bytes only!) ASM decompressor. Compression times and ratios are similar to those of deflate/zip and bzip2.


DIUcl is the Delphi port of the popular UCL Compression Library, which is also used by the popular and well known UPX Ultimate Packer for eXecutables. DIUcl features include:

  • Decompression is extremely fast and requires no memory.
  • The assembler-optimized decompressor fits into less than 200 bytes of code.
  • Builds into applications, requires no DLLs nor other dependencies.
  • Supports in-place compression and decompression.
  • Real-time decompression should be possible for any application.


The DIUcl API is very simple:

  • The basic comression and decompression functions operate on blocks of memory.
  • TStream wrappers for sequential on-the-fly compression and decompression with complete TStream.Seek support.
  • Optimized helper functions for TStream, AnsiString, and UnicodeString operations.
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