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WikiTaxi: Batch Import

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Some people routinely use WikiTaxi as an offline backup for their personal Wiki and need to convert their uncompressed MediaWiki XML dumps to a WikiTaxi *.taxi file on a regular basis. The following script provides a solution to simplify this process.

AutoIt is required to compile the script, and 7-Zip must be installed. Once compiled the script must be placed into the WikiTaxi directory. Then it allows to drag and drop (or select in standalone mode) a MediaWiki *.xml dump file for processing:

  • Run 7-Zip to compress the *.xml file to *.xml.bz2
  • Launch WikiTaxi_Importer.exe, type in the appropriate file names, and import.
  • Invoke WikiTaxi.exe and navigate to the main page.
; Automated MediaWiki XML to WikiTaxi converter. Compile with AutoIt. 
; Requires WikiTaxi in same directory as compiled .exe, also requires 7-Zip installed on PC.

; Match partial Window titles to support different versions of WikiTaxi
Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

; This will load the Main Page after importing, change to your preference.
$startpage = "Main Page"

; 7-Zip is required
If Not FileExists(@ProgramFilesDir & "\7-zip\7z.exe") Then 
	MsgBox(16, "Required", "7-Zip required! Please install and try again.")

; Drag and drop enabled
If $CmdLine[0] <> 0 Then 
	; Assume cmdline input is file location
	$wiki_xml = $CmdLine[1]
	; Let user browse to .xml file to choose
	$wiki_xml = FileOpenDialog("Choose XML to convert to WikiTaxi", _
		@WorkingDir, "XML Files (*.xml)")
	If $wiki_xml = "" Then
		; Exit if canceled

; To make formatting code better for .taxi file
$wiki_taxi = StringTrimRight($wiki_xml, 3) & "taxi" 

; I'd rather not overwrite a Wiki, personal preference
If FileExists($wiki_taxi) Then 
	MsgBox(16, "Error", "Wiki already created under this name." & _
		@CRLF & "Rename " & $wiki_xml & @CRLF & "or delete " & $wiki_taxi)

; Compress the .xml to bzip so that the importer will take it
Run('"' & @ProgramFilesDir & '\7-zip\7z.exe" -tbzip2 a "' & _
		$wiki_xml & '.bz2" "' & $wiki_xml & '"')

; Launch Importer

; Make sure WikiTaxi is focus and activate it
WinActivate("WikiTaxi Importer")
WinWaitActive("WikiTaxi Importer")

; Type in newly compressed xml
ControlSetText("WikiTaxi Importer", "", _
	"[CLASS:TTntEdit.UnicodeClass; INSTANCE:1]", $wiki_xml & ".bz2")

; Type in .taxi
ControlSetText("WikiTaxi Importer", "", _
	"[CLASS:TTntEdit.UnicodeClass; INSTANCE:2]", $wiki_taxi)

; Click Import
ControlClick("WikiTaxi Importer", "", _
	"[CLASS:TTntButton.UnicodeClass; INSTANCE:2]")

; --- If you have issues after importing, adjust or remove lines below ---

; Adjust to your needs. I use a small wiki, not the Wikipedia, 
; so the timing is right for my situation.

; AutoIt can't see this text otherwise we'd wait for it.
; To pause script, uncomment line below for larger wikis:
;MsgBox(0,"Wait...",'Wait for "Import finished successfully!"')

; Start WikiTaxi and navigate to specified start page
Run('WikiTaxi "' & $wiki_taxi & '" "' & $startpage & '"')

; Again, adjust below for larger wiki.

; Timing may be off and close Importer too early for larger wiki.

; Remove temporary file. You could also remove .xml, 
; but I keep it since WikiTaxi strips out history.
FileDelete($wiki_xml & ".bz2")
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