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WikiTaxi: Create Windows Shorcuts to open databases automatically

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This page describes how you can use a Windows Shortcut so WikiTaxi automatically opens a *.taxi database at start-up.

You will probably have have your WikiTaxi.exe and your *.taxi database file in the same folder. First right-click the WikiTaxi.exe symbol with the mouse to open the context menu. Then select the Create Shortcut item.

Windows will create a new Shortcut file in the same folder. Right-click its icon to open the context menu and select the Properties item.

The properties dialog displays and allows to add a command line argument to the WikiTaxi.exe target.

Type the name of your *.taxi database after WikiTaxi.exe, separated by a space. In this example, add the file name

Close the properties dialog by clicking OK. Then double-click the new shortcut icon to test if it starts up WikiTaxi and automatically opens the specified database.

You can create multiple shortcuts, for multiple language databases. At last, rename the shortcuts to match the database.

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