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YuOpenSSL: Version History

YuOpenSSL is a Delphi port of the OpenSSL cryptography and SSL/TSL library. All code is statically compiled into applications. OpenSSL DLLs are not needed. Over 5000 functions, procedures, constants, and types are ready to use in a single Delphi unit.

YuOpenSSL 0.2.1 Alpha – 25 Nov 2020

  • Add EVP_VerifyInit, EVP_VerifyInit_ex, and EVP_VerifyUpdate, ported from OpenSSL macros.
  • Fix memory leaks in ICS (Internet Component Suite). They surfaced after the OverbyteIcsSslWebServ.dpr sample project was linked against YuOpenSSL. A total of > 10k memory allocations reported not freed, adding up to > 500k bytes of leaked memory. The leaks were easy to spot because YuOpenSSL does not use the OpenSSL DLLs but compiles all OpenSSL code into the application binary. As a side effect, YuOpenSSL uses the Delphi memory manager and by default allows memory trackers to see OpenSSL memory allocations. Otherwise this does normally not happen when the OpenSSL DLLs employ their own memory management. The leaks then sum up in the DLLs' memory space, and out of sight of Delphi's memory trackers.

YuOpenSSL 0.2.0 Alpha – 16 Nov 2020

  • Update to OpenSSL 1.1.1h.
  • Add hundreds of new OpenSSL API functions, procedures, types, and constants.
  • Indy support, plus basic demos. The Indy OpenSSL 1.1.1 IOHandler is still in development. Until stable, consider this a proof of concept and use with great care.
  • New demos to create certificates.

YuOpenSSL 0.1.0 Alpha – 30 Jul 2020

  • Initial public release, based on OpenSSL 1.1.1g.
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