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YuImage: Version History

YuImage is a collection of image processing libraries and classes, such as Delphi ports of Little CMS, libpng, and libwebp, all statically linked, no DLLs needed.

YuImage v1.1.2 – 8 Dec 2023

Update Little CMS to v2.16:

  • New: Import .CUBE files as RGB devicelinks.
  • New: Read/Write MHC2 tags for Windows GPU access.
  • New: Support for UTF-8 on multilocalized unicode functions.
  • New: Suppot for OkLab color space, built-in and formatter.
  • Improved: Accuarcy of floating point transformations.
  • Improved: Platform and creator information now survives profile edition.

YuImage v1.1.1 – 24 Nov 2023

  • Update libwebp to v1.3.2:
    • Fix a critical security out of bounds (OOB) bug in the lossless decoder (CVE-2023-4863).

YuImage v1.1.0 – 22 Nov 2023

  • Support Delphi 12 Athens Win32 and Win64.

YuImage v1.0.2 – 21 Jul 2023

  • Update libwebp to v1.3.1 final:
    • Security fixes for lossless encoder (CVE-2023-1999).
    • Improve error reporting through WebPPicture error codes.

YuImage v1.0.1 – 22 Jun 2023

  • Update libpng to v1.6.40:
    • Ensure that only one eXIf chunk is written in the entire datastream.
    • Fix png_get_valid to not report a tRNS chunk as valid if it was canceled.
    • Fix a memory leak when allocation of a pCAL buffer fails.
  • Update libwebp to latest v1.3.1-rc1:
    • Add missing error checks.

YuImage v1.0.0 – 7 Jun 2023

Initial release as YuImage. YuImage supersedes YuPng and adds the following:

  • New YuWebP unit based on libwebp v1.3.31-rc1:
    • WebP decoder and encoder.
    • WebP container muxer and demuxer.
    • WebP animation encoder.
  • YuWebPImage unit with TYuWebPImage class, a TGraphic descendant to display WebP images:
    • Load and decode WebP images.
    • Apply embedded ICC color profiles.
    • Paint with full alpha transparency.
    • Display WebP animations.
  • Update Little CMS to v2.15.

YuPng v1.0.0 – 16 Dec 2022

  • Initial release, with libpng v1.6.39 and Little CMS v2.14.
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