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SQLiteSpy: Wiki

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Delphi Components used in SQLiteSpy

  • Unicode support is realized Delphi's native Unicode controls (formerly Tnt Unicode Controls).
  • Data grid and the schema treeview are implemented as TVirtualStringTree descendants.
  • Modern tabs are displayed by JVCL TJvTabBar (formerly with added Unicode support).
  • SynEdit (formerly UniSynEdit) and a customized SQLite3 highlighter bring SQL Unicode syntax highlighting to SQLiteSpy.

Feature Suggestions

  • Command-line version of the SQLiteSpy's SQLite engine (including math/regexp functions etc) with the ability to read from stdin or to be used as a shell.
  • Support of “INSTEAD OF” triggers in views, to allow cell editing (F2) of corresponding view columns
  • CSV export and import.
  • Create / Modify / Delete Tables by Wizard
  • Create / Modify / Delete Views by Wizard
  • Create / Modify / Delete Triggers by Wizard
  • Use external SQLite DLL (for custom SQLite builds).
A SQLiteSpy version which uses an external sqlite3.dll as external database engine is available from the author upon request.
  • Add a command-line option to also open a given text file in the editor (on top of the existing param for opening a given DB).
  • On File Menu, 'Vaccuum Database'.
VACUUM DATABASE is available as a menu command at Menu → Execute → Vacuum Database.
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