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  • DIPasDoc 0.8.11 Change the code so that Create_Help.bat, Create_HtmlHelp.bat, etc. no longer fail because of missing include files.
  • DISQLite3 5.20.1 Patch release to fix a bug in the auto_vacuum logic that can lead to database corruption. Though the bug is obscure and rarely encountered, upgrading is recommended for all users, and especially for users who turn on auto_vacuum.
  • DITidy 5.11.0 Bug fix release: <table> parsing, missing space at opening tag at end of a line, invalid UTF-8 generation (surrogate pairs).
  • DISQLite3 5.20.0 Performance optimization (LEFT JOIN flattening, HAVING clause, DISTINCT index usage, json_extract() cache), new FTS5 column filter syntax, new anycoll extension, bug fixes.
  • YuBrotli 1.2.1 Better compression thanks to more complex content modeling on 1MiB+ files, update decoder.
  • YuStemmer 4.0.0 Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Win32 and Win64 support. New Arabic, Latin, Slovene, and Tamil stemmers. Fix Unicode in Dutch stemmer. Fix suffixes in Portugues stemmer.
  • DISQLite3 5.19.0 Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Win32 and Win64 support. New PRAGMA optimize SQL command. New json_patch() SQL function. New sqlite3_set_last_insert_rowid() interface improves sqlite3_last_insert_rowid() results. New dbdump extension. PRAGMA integrity_check verifies CHECK contraints. Query planner enhancements & performance improvements.
  • YuBrotli 1.1.0 Fix zero distance decoder bug, add BROTLI_PARAM_SIZE_HINT compression option, update encoder.
  • DIZipWriter 6.2.2 Update the TYuDeflateCompressor compressor engine.
  • YuPcre2 1.5.0 New pcre2_code_copy_with_tables() function, new support \g{+<number>} “forward back reference” syntax, many performance optimizations and bug fixes.
  • DISQLite3 5.18.0 Various performance optimizations, uses about 6.5% fewer CPU cycles. Bug fixes.
  • YuBrotli 1.0.0 Initial release of Brotli for Delphi, a lossless compression algorithm with better compression than zlib with faster compression as well as decompression.
  • DIRegEx 8.7.2 Bug fixes: JIT unaligned access on x86 and register overwrite with SSE2 acceleration; negative class Unicode problem; capturing group vs. recursion mistake; lookahead start-up optimization.
  • DISQLite3 5.17.1 Bug fixes: Triggers and foreign keys malfunction for REPLACE statements on WITHOUT ROWID tables that lack secondary indexes; zeroblob() to string translation for sqlite3_value_text(); view with ORDER BY in UNION ALL subquery.
  • DIZipWriter 6.2.1 Update the TYuDeflateCompressor and TYuLzmaCompressor compressor engines.
  • DISQLite3 5.17.0 9% less CPU usage, new PRAGMA table-value SQL functions, enhance 'unixepoch' date and time functions modifier, faster LIKE and GLOB with multiple wildcards.
  • DITidy 5.9.0 New parser options to disable detection of non-HTML tokens, bug fixes.
  • DISQLite3 5.16.1 Bug fix release: row-value logic, instr() out-of-memory crash, JSON invalid backslash validation.
  • DISQLite3 5.16.0 Enhance “WHERE x NOT NULL” partial indexes for overloaded LIKE or GLOB. Bug fixes, in particular an out of memory error during VACUUM.
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