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 +====== DISQLite3: Feature Chart ======
 +**DISQLite3 Personal** is free to use for personal, educational,​ and non-commercial use. It is fully functional without restrictions. Compared with DISQLite3 Pro it lacks some advanced functionality and may stay a few versions behind.
 +**DISQLite3 Pro** is required for commercial software. It is fully compatible with DISQLite3 Personal -- upgrading just needs a simple recompile. It includes all SQLite3 functionality and is regularly updated with latest SQLite developments.
 +This table lists the features difference in detail:
 +^Feature^DISQLite3 Personal^DISQLite3 Pro^
 +|Windows 64-bit support| |Yes|
 +|Support for latest Delphi compilers| |Yes|
 +|SQL-92 Compatible Syntax|Yes|Yes|
 +|Single File Database|Yes|Yes|
 +|Compact, Variable-Length File Format|Yes|Yes|
 +|Maximum Database Size|2 TB|2TB|
 +|Maximum Number of Tables|Unlimited|Unlimited|
 +|Maximum Number of Columns per Table|Unlimited|Unlimited|
 +|Maximum Length of Column Name|Unlimited|Unlimited|
 +|Maximum Number of Indexes|Unlimited|Unlimited|
 +|Maximum Amount of Data per Row|Unlimited|Unlimited|
 +|Compiles into Application EXE, requires no DLLs|Yes|Yes|
 +|Indexed Full Text Search with prefix matching (like "​run*"​) and [[..:​stemmer:​|optional word stemming]]|Yes|Yes|
 +|SQL Parameter Binding (?, :​ParamName)|Yes|Yes|
 +|Database Locking|Yes|Yes|
 +|Database Transactions and Rollback|Yes|Yes|
 +|Database Schema PRAGMAs|Yes|Yes|
 +|Multiple, Simultaneous SELECT Operations|Yes|Yes|
 +|Database Encryption|Single Password|Any Password|
 +|CHECK constraints| |Yes|
 +|SQL ANALYZE command| |Yes|
 +|SQL OR optimization| |Yes|
 +|SQL BETWEEN optimization| |Yes|
 +|SQL LIKE optimization| |Yes|
 +|SQL INSERT allows multiple rows| |Yes|
 +|Default Column Values|Yes|Yes|
 +|Floating-Point Support|Yes|Yes|
 +|Date and DateTime Functions|Yes|Yes|
 +|User-Defined Collation Sequences| |Yes|
 +|User-Defined Database Functions and Aggregates| |Yes|
 +|ALTER TABLE SQL Command| |Yes|
 +|Authorization Callback Feature| |Yes|
 +|PRIMARY KEY Columns|Yes|Yes|
 +|Autoincementing PRIMARY KEY columns (may reuse ROWIDs from deleted records)|Yes|Yes|
 +|AUTOINCREMENT keyword (monotonically increasing ROWIDs, guaranteed to be unique over the entire database lifetime)| |Yes|
 +|VACUUM Clause, Auto-Vacuum Feature| |Yes|
 +|BLOB Literal SQL Syntax X'​ABCD'​| |Yes|
 +|Incremental BLOB API| |Yes|
 +|CAST ( expr AS type )| |Yes|
 +|Temporary Tables| |Yes|
 +|ON CONFLICT SQL Clause| |Yes|
 +|EXPLAIN SQL Clause| |Yes|
 +|Database Integrity Check| |Yes|
 +|FOREIGN KEY constraints| |Yes|
 +|In-Memory Database| |Yes|
 +|Hot Database Backup| |Yes|
 +|Trace Callback Feature for SQL Logging and Debugging| |Yes|
 +|Commit Transaction Callback Feature| |Yes|
 +|Progress Callback Feature| |Yes|
 +|REINDEX SQL Clause| |Yes|
 +|PRAGMA Database Options| |Yes|
 +|Sub-Queries,​ Sub-Selects,​ IN() Operator| |Yes|
 +|Automatic Database Triggers| |Yes|
 +|UTF-8 / Utf8String API|Yes|Yes|
 +|UTF-16 / UnicodeString / WideString API| |Yes|
 +|Views, Triggers on Views| |Yes|
 +|ATTACH multiple databases| |Yes|
 +|SQL tracing and performance profiling| |Yes|
 +|Shared Cache between multiple open DB connections| |Yes|
 +|Asynchronous I/O background thread writing| |Yes|
 +|R-Tree index for geospatial data systems| |Yes|
 +|Write-Ahead Logging (WAL) for improved performance and concurrency| |Yes|
 +|Multiple worker threads| |Yes|
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