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 +[[{conf.styles}re|float:​right;​ clear:​right]] 
 +{{logo.png?​nolink }} 
 +<WRAP right> 
 +[[{:​gift16.png|float:​right;​clear:​right}https://​​delphi/​downloads/​DIHtmlLabel_3.12.exe|Download Freeware]] 
 +DIHtmlLabel is a lightweight replacement for TLabel to display HTML-formatted text with clickable text links and dynamic contents. 
 +<WRAP clear/>​ 
 +<WRAP tabs> 
 +  * [[products:​htmllabel:​|Overview]] 
 +  * [[products:​htmllabel:​history|History]] 
 +  * [[products:​htmllabel:​compilers|Compilers]] 
 +  * [[wiki:​htmllabel:​|Wiki]] 
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