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 +  * **[[products:​containers:​|DIContainers]] 5.0.1, [[products:​filefinder:​|DIFileFinder]] 6.11.1, [[products:​htmlparser:​|DIHtmlParser]] 8.0.1, and [[products:​zipwriter:​|DIZipWriter]] 6.5.1** 
 +    * Delphi compilers with support for the ''​inline''​ directive (starting with Delphi 2005) failed to compile *.bpl packages for the Demo and Commercial editions. They generated a "​[dcc32 Fatal Error] DIUtils: F2051 Unit DIContainers was compiled with a different version of DIUtils.StrSameIW"​. Regular *.exe applications compiled without problems. The Source Code also compiled to both *.bpl packages and *.exe applications with no problems.
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