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 +  * **[[products:​pcre2:​|YuPcre2]] 1.8.0** Bugfix release with minor enhancements:​ 
 +    * New ''​pcre2_config()''​ options ''​PCRE2_CONFIG_NEVER_BACKSLASH_C''​ and ''​PCRE2_CONFIG_COMPILED_WIDTHS'';​ 
 +    * New ''​pcre2_pattern_info()''​ option ''​PCRE2_INFO_EXTRAOPTIONS'';​ 
 +    * New public names for all the ''​pcre2_compile()''​ error numbers, new callout block flags field with ''​PCRE2_CALLOUT_STARTMATCH''​ and ''​PCRE2_CALLOUT_BACKTRACK''​ bits.
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