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DIMime is a lightening fast MIME (Base64) Encoder and Decoder library. The core encoding and decoding routines are written in highly optimized Delphi Pascal which even beats most assembler code.

Both MimeEncode and MimeDecode have a straightforward, flexible and highly effective interface which makes it easy to use them with memory buffers, strings, or any other of your preferred data types. Additional helper functions are available to convert strings or streams of practically unlimited size.

The decoder is very error tolerant and does about spaces, linebreaks, or incomplete data, which are sometimes encountered in e-mail messages.

The DIMime package contains full source code and HTML Help documentation. It has also been incorporated into the Jedi Code Library (JCL).

How to encode / decode huge files?

Some users wondered if it is possible to encode and decode very large files with DIMime without loading the entire file into memory?

Yes, this is easily possible: Use the following functions from DIMimeStreams.pas – they process files in small blocks of data at a time only:

  • MimeEncodeFile
  • MimeEncodeFileNoCRLF
  • MimeDecodeFile
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