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Delphi Components (Embarcadero, CodeGear, Borland)

DIContainersDIContainers is a highly customizable storage library with over 60 vector, list, tree, and hash containers.
DIConvertersDIConverters encodes and decodes over 150 character sets and encodings to and from Unicode.
DICreoleDICreole is a converter engine for the Creole wiki markup language to HTML, RTF, LaTeX, and custom formats.
DIFileFinderDIFileFinder searches for files and folders with wildcard and regular expression include and exclude filters.
DIGoogleReaderDIGoogleReader parses Google search result pages and extracts individual search results.
DIHtmlLabelDIHtmlLabel is a lightweight replacement for TLabel to display HTML-formatted text with clickable links.
DIHtmlParserDIHtmlParser reads and writes HTML, XHTML, and XML for document analysis, data extraction and generation.
DIMimeDIMime Encode and decode Base64 buffers, strings, and streams. For network and e-mail transfer. Fast.
DIRegExDIRegEx Advanced Perl compatible regular expression library with UTF-8 and UTF-16 string support. TStream search capabilities.
DISQLite3DISQLite3 is a high performance, multi-user, fail-safe SQL-92 database engine with ACID transaction.
DITidyDITidy reads HTML and XML into a DOM tree, checks for and repairs errors, and writes valid HTML.
DIUclDIUcl is a free compression library with extremely fast and small (200 bytes only!) ASM decompressor.
DIUnicodeDIUnicode provides text reader and writer classes with 150 Unicode character conversions.
DIXmlDIXml is the Delphi port of libxml and libxslt, with XML parsing, DOM, and XSLT transformation.
DIZipWriterDIZipWriter Create PKZip compatible ZIP archives. BZip2 and LZMA comrpression, strong AES encryption.
TNT Unicode ControlsTNT Unicode Controls allow old Delphi versions before Delphi 2009 to create applications which use the Unicode capabilities of Windows NT systems.
YuNetSurfYuNetSurf HTML5 parser and tree builder with CSS3 tokeniser, parser, and selection engine.
YuPcre2YuPcre2 New Delphi Regular Expression library. Perl syntax. Native UnicodeString, AnsiString, or UCS4String. UTF-8, UTF-16 support. Fully Unicode enabled.
YuPdfYuPdf Create PDF documents fast, directly from within your Delphi applications. No external dependencies.
YuStemmerYuStemmer Algorithmic natural language stemming library for 15 languages. Small and fast.


DIPasDocDIPasDoc generates HTML documentation from comments in Pascal source code.
DIPPDIPP is a Pascal Pre-Processor to manipulate Pascal source code files.
SQLiteSpySQLiteSpy is a fast and compact GUI manager, browser and editor for SQLite3 database files.
WikitaxiWikiTaxi is a portable, lightweight Wikipedia offline browser and viewer.
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